Ongoing Recruitment As An Airport Worker In Autralia, UK And USA


Workers are in high demand in the airports of the following countries. UK, USA and Australia. These airport workers are known to be ramp agents.

A ramp agent is a worker at the airport who is responsible for the loading/offloading, sorting freight and luggages, maintaining the aircraft, helping with push-back and towing, marshaling aircraft, deicing and other assigned tasks. They are also called the baggage handlers at the airport. They also helped in setting up and operating baggage and cargo management equipment.

looking after the belongings of millions of people setting off on all kinds of journeys

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Properly lift, load, unload and transport baggage, mail and cargo from aircraft to the airport

Maintain on-time communications by directing aircraft to and from gate positions

Safeguard luggage as well as appliances from damage, loss and weather conditions

Drive and operate ground equipment, for instance tugs, cargo carts, service trucks and belt loaders

Help with record keeping and documentation to make sure proper routing of baggage

Follow safety rules and maintain safe working environments for you as well as others

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Get in touch with managers and lead agents to execute day-to-day routines

Document equipment issues and breakdowns to aid rapid repairs

You’ll put our customers’ – and their customers’ – needs at the heart of everything you do.


Capable of working in extreme conditions, for instance hot and cold weather, as well as small spaces

High school diploma or equivalent, like successful completion of a GED

Familiarity with fundamental computer programs to help with record keeping as well as baggage management

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Have a valid driver’s license with no criminal driving record

Pass a physical agility test, depending on the airline

Formidable teamwork and partnership abilities to assist achieve team objectives

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, such as email and phone

Adaptive scheduling, enabling work during nights, weekends and holidays

Adaptability to changing priorities and time management skills

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